Has it been a month already? :)

13 Oct

October 13th, 2010- 1 month old in MBS!

This day, last month, this year, we were just setting foot into the hallways of MBS; a bunch of 58 excited, anxious, nervous, happy students. For most of us, this was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. The book, until now, has more than lived up to its expectations and is rather Booker-prize-worthy in more ways than one! 🙂

It’s had its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows, anxiety and relief, sweat and success. It’s been a walk in the park at times, an uphill climb at others. It’s led to many sleepless nights but also a lot of sunny mornings, when we skipped to class with a spring in our step.

As part of the MSA (Mannheim Student Association), we organized a drinks-out at the local Irish pub O´Reilly´s http://www.oreillys-mannheim.de/home.html at 7 p.m.
Until then, we were busy in a mix of Marketing and Financial accounting all day long. As part of our Marketing consumer survey group-assignment, my team; we had chosen to compare 2 local book-store; 1 as our company and the other as the competitor. This was part of the 3-Circle project. Read more about it at http://3-circles.net/home.html and http://www.drrobertdavies.com/080130CIRCLESOFSUCCESS.pdf.There was a lot of debate and discussion on assigning the attributes to one of the circles, in a way, that would give us a clear representation of which attributes our chosen company would need to improve upon. Since most of us profess an undying love for the written word, this project was not ‘work-work’ but more a labor of love; well, almost. 🙂

As part of our Financial Accounting assignment, we are currently analyzing the IAS 38 and need to come up with reasons whether or not Company-A is justified in capitalizing a large part of its R&D expenses. Considering that only 2 out of 8 in the group had Financial Accounting before, it is A LOT of fun.

Needless to say, these case-assignments go a long way in clarifying theoretical concepts. However, the biggest take-away is in honing our group-work skills in an international setting.  I have learnt so much about coordination, time-management, handling different kinds of people, focusing on the task-at-hand and staying calm and composed these 30 days that I can see visible changes in the way I interact and handle things; and all for the better.

Anyways, post a long day at class; German classes, Marketing and Financial Accounting, we couldn’t wait to reach O’Reillys. This was also the 1st social event organized by MSA. The turnout was tremendous, the drinks flowed freely, the conversation flowed even more.

Here’s to a month of living our dreams!

Prost! 🙂


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