Sprechen Sie Deutsch? :)

17 Oct

Ich kann ziemlich gut Deutsch; that roughly translates to ‘I can speak reasonably good German’. Or so I thought 🙂

Day3, week1, Sept 15th, 18.30 h.- In walked 2 German professors with a stack of German examination papers, intending to gauge our level of the language. The past 2 days had whizzed past me, to the point that I had not even opened the ‘Teach yourself German Grammar’ book from Mumbai. Full-blown panic started to set in.

The test lasted for an hour and comprised of all my ‘bette-noires’; tonnes of Konjunktiv, Passiv and Modal Verben, a short-essay and a Reading comprehension. It took me 10 minutes to orient myself, but managed to get the hang of the paper. An hour later, panic-attack-averted :), I had managed to qualify for Level3 of the weekly German classes, offered by Mannheim Business School for the non-German-speaking students. Level1 is for absolute beginners, Level2 for someone who has completed A1/A2 levels and level3 for those who have completed at least B2. Me, I have a PwD (Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International) 🙂 and am comfortable speaking but rather rusty.

Level1 and Level2 concentrate on the basics of the language, structural foundations, Grammar, sentence formations and small-medium reading comprehensions. Level3 has a focus on business-German in a working environment.

I am currently 3 classes old; and have braved the elements to reach class at 7 a.m. every Wednesday. We chose to have classes in the morning, since in the evenings, we usually have group-work to do or assignments to prepare for. Mornings are when we are fresher and that helps in learning a new language; always 🙂

But trust me, it’s totally worth it! Or as they say, ‘Es lohnt sich!’


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