Making a difference, in our own way

27 Oct

One of the best parts of our course is The  Social Project.

At the beginning of the year, the entire class; 58 of us are divided into Multi Competency Teams (MCTs). These groups comprise of 4-5 of us, from different nationalities, different study- and work-backgrounds and differing years of work-experience. My MCT, for example comprises of 4 of us; 2 Germans, an Indian and a Pakistani. We have, amongst us, a total of at least 20 years of work-experience and come from backgrounds as varied as Information technology and Sales to Engineering and Consultancy. As part of the MCT, we deliver 2 projects; 1 is the Social project and the other, the Company project. More on the latter in a different post.

The Social Project embraces the whole duration of the program bringing together all team-members of each MCT into one common goal. The nature of the SocialProject is open and is humanitarian, social, educational or ecological, etc. but settled in Mannheim and the region. The Social Project is aimed at pursuing the following objectives:

  • Creating a strong class spirit
  • Training our ability to work in a team
  • Improving our project management skills
  • Showing social commitment

As part of the same, our almuni conducted Art workshops, fundraising drives, blood-donation drives, excursions, support-programs and other meaningful activities that helped make a difference; not just to society but to themselves as individuals.

Today, we had the 1st presentation from a social organization to help us get more ideas on how we could contribute meaningfully to society. The organization was a local institute that works towards integrating the migrant populaation of students into the mainstream via providing them guidnace in technical-apprenticeship and vocational training. Among the 58 of us, in the current batch, there are already several ideas taking root. I’d rather not spill the beans right away, but you can be sure that there is a lot of Goodwill being generated, and not just in the Financial accounting class. 🙂

Which reminds me that next week is the Financial accounting exam and I must get back to the IFRS standards. So, while I try to capitalize the assets in the balance sheet of life, you have a wonderful day. And watch this space for more on The MBA-Class of 2011’s social project.

For sure; a little goes a long way,




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