It takes 3 to party!

2 Nov

So, today was the much-awaited Financial Accounting exam. And did it challenge us!  The exam came at the end of a long weekend of 4 days due to All Saints’ Day on Monday. The weekend, in itself, just flew by amidst a flurry of fair-value, amortized cost, intangible assets, IAS 39, the economics and politics of accounting, depreciation, amortization, fair-value, amortized cost, intangible assets; well, you get the point. We kept going around in circles, till such time, someone entered instead of on their web-browser! Yes, we get obsessed with what we do.

Then, tomorrow is our exam on Fundamentals of Marketing and post that, we have German classes in the afternoon. I am SO looking forward to doing something fun tomorrow post-German; read==> Go for drinks/ a movie/ a walk by the Rhein.

And day-after-tomorrow is a brand-new Thursday and the start of our 4th course this term- Managerial Accounting.

This course will be a 1-week course that will end mid-next-week and we have our exams at the end of the course; i.e on day5. This will be the first such experience for most of us and we are looking forward to dive into the world of  cost-information, cost-allocation, performance metrics and management control systems!

But for now, Marketing beckons, so I must answer its call!

Some food for thought till later; What brand are you?



P.S: In case you are wondering about the title, it takes 3 subjects to reach their completion for us to finally get a legitimate reason to party! Else of course, every other day is a reason to. 🙂


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