Celebrating the festival of lights at MBS!

7 Nov

Besan laddoo (Indian sweet-cookies made of gram-flour and Indian butter), Atta ka halwa (Wheat flour based sweet) and Kheer (Milk-rice) were on the menu as part of the Diwali (The Indian festival of lights) at MBS. We came dressed in our festive best, distributed the sweets among our classmates and wished everyone the very best in the coming year. It came real close Diwali celebrations back home.

Post lecture 2 of Managerial Accounting, we left for the monthly Stammtisch event; Stammtisch is the name for the monthly meet-up of the full-time MBA class, the Executive MBA and the Executive Master of Accounting and Taxation,  along with the alumni on the 1st Friday of every month, at the local bar. The origin of the word Stammtisch is rather interesting; it denotes a group of several people, who meet regularly at a place (a bar /pub/ other restaurant) over drinks at a round-table (der Tisch). Besides being a lot of fun over drinks and food, the Stammtisch is also a great opportunity to network and build lasting relationships with fellow-students. So, Stammtisch we did; we met some of our alumni, classmates from other programs, members from the Program Management and some of our professors too.

Post the Stammtisch, the weekend went past in a flurry of bad weather, tonnes of reading in preparation for the Managerial Accounting lecture on Wednesday; 10th Nov, preparations for the 2nd Social event- by MSA (The Student’s association) also on the 10th and personal administration; read cook, clean, wash. haha.

We promised to be back on another Saturday for live-music and a taste of their tempting-Pasta.

For now though, it is back to the books; a couple of mandatory readings and I can crash. My next post will be after the exams and our party on the 10th! Wish us luck, for both!

Have a great week ahead!




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