Through with 80% of term 1- unbelievable!

10 Nov

10th November, 2010: 5 p.m.

I had just signed off the Managerial Accounting exam with my last two-pence on Cost management. I now had to rush along with some of the class to decorate the pent-house for the much-awaited social event – The Bollywood party!

10th November, 2010:  8.30 p.m.

Lights, strings of festoons, color, Indian finger-food, a variety of drinks, Bollywood-videos and music of all kinds later, we were set! The party began at 8.30 p.m. and went on until 2 a.m. Well, like I mentioned in previous posts, we make it a point to work hard and party harder; haha.

Some highlights:

  • It was a LOT of fun playing bartender.
  • We also made some Euros in tips.
  • Some of us fell on the dance-floor at least once,
  • Some of us made it twice,
  • Others thrice, depending on how high your heels were; what were you thinking?
  • An enthusiastic bunch of German girls wore a sari (the traditional Indian attire for women) and did they look lovely!
  • There were awards for the most-colorfully dressed male and female and there are several contenders for that one!
  • The finger-food was absolutely delicious; we will hire this particular Indian restaurant the next time as well.
  • Grooving to Hrithik Roshan’s (a leading Indian actor) hits in Mannheim- surreal!
  • Copyrighted versions of Salsa, Fox trot and Jive kept springing up every 2 songs.
  • Groovy music, great people and a gorgeous view – The recipe to get high-on-life.
  • 6 people, 3 hours, a bottle of floor-cleaner – Task – Floor-clean-up the next day.
  • Booking the penthouse, arranging the drinks, food, decorations –  a few hundred euros.
  • Celebrating with friends into the wee hours of the night- priceless.

There are some things that money sure can’t buy!

Thank you class of 2011 for one of the most memorable parties ever!

Viel Spass!



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