The 59th Mannheim International film-festival!

16 Nov

A real steal this one! The Mannheim International Film Festival enters its 59th year and is the biggest film-festival in Germany after the Berlin film festival. It takes place this year from 11th – 21st November and is a veritable feast of creativity from around the globe. I have already seen 10 movies; from Turkey, Sweden, The Netherlands, Phillipines, Italy, Chile, Argentina and France and can’t wait for the remainder of the week.

Till det som är vackert / ‘Pure’ from Sweden particularly caught my eye. It is based on this suburban girl who comes from a dysfunctional family and finds her solace in Mozart’s symphonies. She faces several challenges throughout but comes out a survivor. The actress Alicia is only about 22 and shows all the hallmarks of a future legend. Then, ‘Win/Win’ from Netherlands is an amazing debut. It talks about this financial trader who burns out eventually despite his inherent talent to make piles of money out of seemingly-dead-stocks. This movie resonated particularly well, since we just recently completed our Financial Accounting class. So ‘call’, ‘underlying’, ‘option’ did mean something to me, Lol. The Argentinian movie ‘Eva and Lola’ was a fascinating insight into the nation’s tragic political history. The most interesting part was the director’s take on such a sensitive topic, shot via such a practical, modern approach. Besides the movies, I have met several interesting people; actors, directors, producers, fans; all of whom are just there to be a part of the magic of films.

Besides which, the timing of the festival is like a God-sent; right after the Managerial Accounting exams and in the 1st week of the last 2 subjects of Term1 – Corporate Finance, Economics. So, I have the right amount of time to go movie-hopping and see the world through the eyes of another.

Till later,


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