Its starting to rain examination results!

23 Nov

Now that its been around 4-5 weeks; more or less, since we took our 4 exams this term – Decision Analysis, Marketing Fundamentals, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting, its now time for the examination results. We got our Decision Analysis results today; fingers crossed and hoping that we all did all-right.

In other news, its getting colder with every passing day; in fact, even as I type this post, I can hear the mercury dropping; haha. In fact, there are forecasts that it may, in fact, start to snow this weekend, here in Mannheim. I, sure am looking forward to the snow-flakes landing on my head. However, it appears that snow, this early is unheard of; I just hope that we (humanity) have not messed up the environment beyond repair. Sigh!

And now that we are getting deeper into Corporate Finance, I can visualize myself applying some of the Investment-valuation techniques (Net present value, Internal rate of return, Payback method, etc.) to future investment decisions. I wonder, what if I had applied some of these techniques to certain decisions, during my previous job. Would it have altered my decision? Probably not; but it would have surely added more value to my decision-approach and been a useful tool to more easily convince the team to make certain investments.

Tomorrow is German class, and I continue to wrestle with the Konjunktiv-II case , although I may  be getting my own back. We also have a presentation to make; my 3rd presentation in German- this one is on ‘Stuttgart 21’– the hugely debated topic in Germany at this moment. Its primarily a cost-benefit analysis on modernization of the current train-station and its infrastructure in Stuttgart vs. the costs involved; both monetary and otherwise (environmental, cultural, etc.) and whether the costs justify the benefits.

Our Social project; read for more, is getting underway. Most teams have a clearer idea of what they’d be doing and we can’t wait to get started. Watch this space for more on the various Social projects undertaken by the Full-time MBA Class of 2011.

Bis bald (till later,)



2 Responses to “Its starting to rain examination results!”

  1. Rahul December 28, 2011 at 6:15 pm #

    Hi Anita,

    Do they teach the entire MBA course in ENGLISH in Mannheim Business School, OR we need to learn German for that?

    • Anita Visvanath December 30, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

      Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. The entire MBA course is in English since it is an international MBA program.

      Best regards,

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