The fastest month and the fastest year ever!

24 Dec

24th December 2011 ==> its Christmas Eve , 1 day before Christmas and 8 days before the New year! Time sure flies; to quote an oft-used cliché.

The posts have been down to a trickle these past weeks due to the Economics and Corporate Finance exams, assignments, German exams and a lot of year-end parties. Term1 came to a close on 21st December with a class-dinner at Heidelberg. We walked around the Christmas market, had dinner at an old brewery, partied until the wee hours; that’s how we kicked off our holiday-season.

I can safely say that now I know enough about the 2008-Global Financial Crisis, the Euro-crisis, the Stuttgart-21 rail-project, Net Present value, WACC, ECB, Market-segmentation, Price differentiation, Decision trees, Variable costing vs. Absorption costing and working in multi-cultural, multi-national groups and multi-tasking efficiently. I also know enough about Christmas traditions in Germany, the best glühweins around, the difference between light snow, snow-rain and a snowstorm and best of all, these past 3. months have only reiterated the fact that ‘It is all about the people; always!’ A big Thank you to the fantastic Program Management and staff at MBS, the wonderful Professors and my dear classmates and friends who have made this 1st step of the journey memorable!

Next term, some of our friends leave for Queen’s in Canada and others for Thunderbird, Arizona. Its going to rather strange not having them around; it somehow feels like we all have known each other for ages. We would  of course, be having several exchange students from Queen’s and other institutes visiting us at MBS for 1 or more modules. We are looking forward to having them over and hope that they have a fantastic time at MBS.

Now that Term1 is over, looking back, we wonder how we did it. It all does seem rather overwhelming. Term2 and Term3 currently look rather overwhelming to us and we are wondering how we will manage. But like all things until now, I’m sure that we’ll sail through and never even realize the passage of time.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Until term2,

Warm regards,



2 Responses to “The fastest month and the fastest year ever!”

  1. Maria B. January 3, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Hello Anita! I’ve enjoyed following your blog these last several months and I wish you a successful second term. I am wondering if a reader such as myself has further questions about the Mannheim MBA experience that isn’t covered on the website or your blog, can one contact you directly? Thanks!


  1. Goodbye Term2! « My 365 days at Mannheim Business School, Germany - March 27, 2011

    […] I came upon this other post I had written not so long ago – And I pretty much feel exactly the same, except that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping […]

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