Willkommen Term Zwei!

10 Jan

So, today we welcomed Term2 with open arms. For sure, the Xmas break was a fantastic, much-needed refereshing break but honestly, I had started to miss class and classmates and just being back in school with all the schedules and multi-tasking and long lectures and assignments, hmmm, yes, those too! 😀

So, we had the Term2 Kick-off session bright and early and then the 1st subject this term; Strategic Management. The day breezed through with an introduction to Strategy, pitfalls to avoid in execution of strategies, a guest lecture and a short group-assignment. Honestly, it felt like we never did have a Xmas- break; haha.

What stayed with me and I simply must write this down, before I forget:

  • The reasons why a company is successful could also be the reasons why it fails.
  • The key in strategy management is its execution. When I look back at projects in the past, for sure, it was implementation that made the difference; good, bad or ugly.
  • You are never too big to fail.
  • Just do it- else strategy management would stay merely on paper
  • Communication is key- so talk, but don’t forget to listen.
  • Its ALL about the PEOPLE, and finally,
  • Be passionate about what you do- it makes a huge difference when communicating your strategy. Conviction is key!

So, on that note, I’d better get back to reading the case for tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!

Warm regards,



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