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2 days to February!

30 Jan

It’s been one of the busiest months ever. We have now completed 3 subjects of Term2- Strategic Management, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility and The Fundamentals of Information Systems. We also had our social event for the month- ‘ A Taste of the MBA’- an International Food Festival where we sampled Asian, European, American and South American delicacies.

Tomorrow, we begin with the last core-subject for this term ‘Organizational Behavior and Change Management’. After which, the elective subjects will begin. I have chosen ‘Negotiation’, ‘Consumer Behavior’ and ‘Supply Chain and Operations’ as my electives since they would complement my experience in Retail and my interest in all things consumer/ people. European Business Law and Company Valuation were the other choices along with Innovation, which I really, really wanted to take. Perhaps I could  take it up at a later ‘Open-session’.

Term2 is a lot more challenging in several ways; for one, every course lasts for just a week, which makes it imperative to come prepared to class. Then there is group-work, which needs to be analyzed, worked upon and submitted within less than 2 days, and yes, it usually is graded. To top it, German classes need a lot more attention since the Christmas break seems to have made my German rather rusty. By the end of the week, I am exhausted but in a good way, especially since the weekend is exclusively free; well, almost.

This term is also great to meet several exchange students from our partner schools;  Warwick, EADA and Queen’s among other schools. What is particularly interesting this term is how differently my brain seems wired. The subjects in Term1 were rather hard-skill subjects and focused on the basics of Financial Accounting, Marketing, Corporate Finance, etc. This term is a lot more application-oriented, in that, the subjects until now are those with which I relate to a lot more directly, since I can now recall several moments in my career so far, when these lectures would have helped me approach matters differently. The Ethics and CSR class, in particular was one that left quite an impression; long after it got over. One of the oft-discussed matters in-class was the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ and it is rather shocking how the world let it happen. ‘Think it through’ and ‘Always think about the consequences of your actions’ were the 2 key messages that we took away.

And now, I really should get back to reading the material for class tomorrow. I hope to update the blog more often too.

Have a great start into the week!