Let the games begin!

21 Feb

A new week, a new course, new students. A very warm welcome to the exchange students from the various schools who are participating in various courses in Term2. It is just wonderful to have you here!

Today, we began with Supply Chain Operations, which is extremely interesting for me personally since it somehow helps me understand one of my favorite industries; retail a whole lot better. One thing that I really like in all our courses is how the answer to several key questions is ‘It depends’ or ‘Ça depend’,  as the French may say, haha. That and the other bit about ‘ There are no right answers, it depends on what the customer wants’. Which reminds me a lot about the learnings from my previous jobs; sometimes, we wouldn’t take a step just because we weren’t sure whether the customer wanted it.

Anyways, between today and Thursday, we are going to be immersed into a simulation exercise on Operations-Management. The idea is to improve operations at the lowest costs and the highest inflows. Suffice to say, I have been hitting the PF5 button several times while writing this post. May the best team win, which I sure hope is my team.

On that note, have a good day, wherever you are!




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