3, 2 1- Term3

6 Mar

My team, we stood 3rd in the Supply Chain and Operations simulation game. This was after we had topped the ranking for most of the week but we are not complaining. In our opinion, we managed our resources to the fullest of their potential with minimal capital-expenditures and making complete use of the parameter settings available to us. The top2 teams had made a substantial capital-expenditure investment, having a different approach to managing their operations. The bottom-line being; choose a strategy and having chosen it, stick by it. Constant changes in operational-strategy are clearly not going to make your P&L look good. Having said that, you need to put in a lot of thought into choosing the right strategy for your business. In a strangely philosophical manner, it all comes down to being yourself. Trying to be someone that you simply are not will reveal itself sooner or later.

Last weekend, apart from watching the nail-biting innings of India vs. England in cricket was also spent studying and completing 2 examinations; Supply Chain and Operations and Organizational Behavior and Change Management. We also went bowling as part of the monthly social event. This time, I had more than beginner’s luck; seems like I may have the beginnings of a bowling arm, haha.

Last week was the next elective on ‘Innovation Management’. This covered the entire process of innovation, starting with how new ideas get generated and the process of structuring them into sustainable innovative projects. Friday ended with the examination and the end of Term2 for some among us. They, now have almost a month to refresh themselves in time for Term3, starting in April. The rest of us have 1 or 2 more subjects to see us through- Company Valuation and Consumer Behavior and Market Research Techniques.

On the weather-side of things, the sun is out and it has been a gloriously warm 8-12 degrees Celsius since the past 2 weeks. I am not complaining.

o, while I soak up the sun and catch up on some reading for my next course, I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you may be!




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