Coming up – International Marketing

9 May

As I write this post, its already the 2nd week of May and the eve of the 4th course this term- International Marketing. I am currently reading up on the various entry strategies that companies could adopt when going global with a local flavor- glocal, as someone real smart coined it. I really want to coin at least one such Marketing/ Strategy terminology over the coming years; for e.g. long-tail, best practice, viral marketing and my current fave- ‘Twinternship’.  ‘Twinternship’ is when a ‘twintern’ would intern for a firm and work for its social-media team; read ==> Update the Facebook and Twitter profiles of the company, among others, to generate a buzz around the company and its products. Sehr interessant, oder?

Anyways, I digress. In the past weeks, we have had the ‘States and Markets’ course, which touched upon theories on inequality, growth, globalization  and their relationships. We also learnt some applications of Game theory and the various aspects of implementation of policies, along with issues faced in policy creation and implementation and the relationship between the State and the market, keeping the larger picture in mind. As in most courses, we were treated to insights into the German economic and socio-political system and the linkages between the two, which is something I really find very interesting. So, time permitting, I really would like to brush up on German and Indian history and Economics sometime in the near future. Then, some of us also were part of the ‘European Taxation’ course, where we learnt about the principles of dual taxation, guiding principles of international taxation concerning inbound and outbound investments and tax-planning strategies for cross-border investments.

Also, with spring already underway, its time for 3 key sporting events in our events-calendar; the  Marathon and the inter-school Rowing and Football competitions. The Marathon, for me, is just to prove to myself that I can run approx. 10 kms. in a little more than an hour. The Rowing and the Football, is where I’ll be cheering for MBS, unless I get to do a Glee and play on the teams, haha. So, if you are around Mannheim and see a bunch of MBS-students running along the river, you’d know why!

And in other news, the class will be going on a hike to a local monastery over the weekend, followed by lunch at a traditional German restaurant. So, in the interest of hiking with a clear conscience, I’d better get back to preparing for tomorrow’s International Marketing class, where a mixture of group case-studies, computer-based simulations and an individual case-assignment promises to lead to some definite Brandstorming.

Till later,



2 Responses to “Coming up – International Marketing”

  1. Lorenz May 10, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    Business Blogging = B2B marketing using Web 2.0

    • Anita Visvanath May 12, 2011 at 8:34 am #

      As apt as it could get! 🙂 Thanks Lorenz, keep’em coming!

      Best regards,

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