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Countdown to Term4!

14 Jun

Sigh! As I write this post, we are already counting down to the end of term3. Last week was the 1st of the 3 final courses this term; Strategic Management of the Global Corporation. Through a mix of case-studies and lectures, this course was a consolidation of all things strategic and global until now. So, we covered things like entering international markets, cross-cultural analysis of countries and companies, assessing the cultural-fit of two entities, modes of entering new markets and among the most interesting aspects was the session on ‘ Strategies for emerging markets’. Coming from an emerging market myself, I find such sessions extremely interesting and also fascinating to notice the reactions from my friends when they hear that the ‘shampoo sachet’ for e.g. was a typical ‘Bottom of the pyramid’ invention. Post the exam on Friday, we attended our monthly ‘Stammtisch’, which had the largest turnout this term. Post an awesome Friday evening, we settled to enjoy the long weekend.

Today, we started with the second-last course this term- Production Operations, which covers concepts intended to make s Operations-management that much more efficient.  The week promises to be a relatively intense one, with lots of number-crunching, a case-study presentation and case-work during class along with lectures. And now I should get back to completing my reading for tomorrow.

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A slice of the good life – Mannheim style!

14 Jun

So, the post-Leipzig high continues even in June. The pre-tournament euphoria continued well into the tournament and continues to pervade our classroom even 3 weeks after the tournament. 🙂

Our team- The MBS Five-Forces (A possible take on Porter’s five forces, but no one’s telling) did a fabulous job. We won 2 out of the 4 games we played and made it to the top 16 teams out of the 32 that played initially. There were great moments of recovery from being 2 goals down to being 4-2 in our favor.  There was awesome team-spirit displayed in the way we stood together even when we were a few goals down, in the way we played as a team and never considered selfish goals and in the way the cheering team screamed hoarse and we think even gave the opposing teams a complex, lol. And best of all, I am pretty sure that we were among the most diverse teams on the field that day.

Leipzig, in itself, is a fabulous city with amazing vibes and a character all of its own; the long walks through its lanes, the numerous rounds of coffee and drinks in its endearing cafes, the amazingly refreshing music, the divine food in its multi-cultural restaurants made our weekend that much more special. Leipzig was the perfect companion to us crazy bunch of singing, dancing, partying MBS-ites and we won’t be forgetting the amazing weekend anytime soon! A big thank you to everyone for a bunch of amazing memories! Viva Football! Viva MBS-Class of 2011! Viva MBS! 🙂

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P.S: Next is the Rowing Competition in July and the party-bus is already ready to vroom its way into Koblenz!