A slice of the good life – Mannheim style!

14 Jun

So, the post-Leipzig high continues even in June. The pre-tournament euphoria continued well into the tournament and continues to pervade our classroom even 3 weeks after the tournament. 🙂

Our team- The MBS Five-Forces (A possible take on Porter’s five forces, but no one’s telling) did a fabulous job. We won 2 out of the 4 games we played and made it to the top 16 teams out of the 32 that played initially. There were great moments of recovery from being 2 goals down to being 4-2 in our favor.  There was awesome team-spirit displayed in the way we stood together even when we were a few goals down, in the way we played as a team and never considered selfish goals and in the way the cheering team screamed hoarse and we think even gave the opposing teams a complex, lol. And best of all, I am pretty sure that we were among the most diverse teams on the field that day.

Leipzig, in itself, is a fabulous city with amazing vibes and a character all of its own; the long walks through its lanes, the numerous rounds of coffee and drinks in its endearing cafes, the amazingly refreshing music, the divine food in its multi-cultural restaurants made our weekend that much more special. Leipzig was the perfect companion to us crazy bunch of singing, dancing, partying MBS-ites and we won’t be forgetting the amazing weekend anytime soon! A big thank you to everyone for a bunch of amazing memories! Viva Football! Viva MBS-Class of 2011! Viva MBS! 🙂

Till later,


P.S: Next is the Rowing Competition in July and the party-bus is already ready to vroom its way into Koblenz! 


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