Its unbelievable! Term4 has already started!

5 Jul

So, its been awhile since I updated my blog; that’s coz we have been really busy completing the last subject of term3 nd of the MBA course; ‘Corporate Mergers and Restructuring in Europe’. This was an absolutely engaging view of the history of mergers, the pros and cons of large enterprises and how seemingly successful people may have a thing or two to hide; read ‘getting ahead the fast way doesn’t guarantee long-term success’. The course was a mix of some great readings, lectures and group-work. The exam, in itself was among the most challenging ones in the MBA so far, but I am hoping that we have indeed saved our best for last 🙂

Post the exam, we went celebrating at Barillo’s the local Latin-American restaurant and bar. I can’t even begin to explain the unbelievable feeling of lightness with a tinge of sadness, lots of excitement and sheer disbelief that we’ve come so far. The evening was an absolute delight and you simply had to be there! Sigh! I am soooo going to miss everybody but I’ll save that for later. From Barillo’s we went bar-hopping until we reached home in the wee hours of Saturday. Among the best celebrations ever! The weekend whizzed by in further celebrations and some more research into the fields in which I’d like to work post the MBA.

27th June dawned bright and sunny after some 3 weeks of rain. The rains, of course, reminded me a lot of Mumbai, where its the monsoon right now. But I couldn’t help wishing for sunny days once again. We had our social project presentation last Monday, which went off pretty well, if I may say so myself 🙂 The rest of the week was spent in preparing ourselves for the Company Project, as part of our Master Thesis. My team (MCT) has the amazing opportunity to work on deriving a market-entry strategy for a German firm and we are extremely excited about it. The Master Thesis, in itself promises to be the best opportunity for me to apply concepts and models I learnt in various modules of the MBA to a real-life business case. Plus, i have never really been part of a Thesis-project, so am pretty excited about how it will all turn out. Fingers crossed.

Oh and last weekend, MBS went to WHU in Koblenz for the annual rowing contest. Our school did amazingly well although WHU won the trophy. We had an awesome attitude towards the sport; totally infectious, pure enthusiasm and a genuine love for the sport! And, our friend from class, he converted all us students into rowers and we are all amazed at how much one man’s passion can inspire so many others. On behalf of the entire class, we’d like to thank you, you know who you are 🙂 for your single-minded commitment! And The Class of 2012, if you are reading this, we sure hope you bring the trophy to MBS next year.

That’s it from me, for now. I should get back to some more research for our Company Project.

Till later,


P.S: Funnily enough, one would imagine that post the courses, one would have a lot of free time. But a whole host of things seem to be calling out to me; job search, company project, parties, catching up with friends, reading fiction novels, doing some German-study and some much-needed spring cleaning in summer, lol


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