Countdown to the end of Term4!

17 Aug

and the MBA! I can’t reiterate enough how surreal it all is; I remember with vivid clarity our first day;  13.09.2010. And to think that we are already done with writing half our Thesis and are in the process of reviewing it and reworking it ==> Its like Buzz Lightyear on steroids, lol. Anyways, for now, we are all completely immersed in understanding customer requirements, company needs, research needs and putting them all together.

And besides work, we had our final social event for the year last Friday.  This time, we decided to combine a fun-rowing session, MCT Olympics with some fun-games and a BBQ at the Bootshaus, Mannheim.  The weather that morning threatened to play spoil-sport but thankfully did not! 4 p.m. arrived with the right hint of blue in the sky, the right amount of green in the BBQ area and the perfect amount of enthusiasm 🙂

Between 4 and 5.30, around 10 of us went rowing along the Neckar. It was refreshing to be paddling downstream. Post the rowing session, we could not wait to get started on the BBQ. The others from the class had already started grilling meats and vegetables on the barbeque. To be honest, I suspect that the amazing aromas wafting through the late afternoon breeze made us row that much faster. The barbeque was a veritable treat to the eyes and the taste-buds;  there were sausages, several salads, pasta, crisps, beer, wine, soft-drinks and chocolate crumble.

Around 6.30 we started with the MCT Olympics. We divided the attendees into groups of 1 or more MCTs. A special mention must be made for MCT5, which was the only MCT that showed up in full strength. We began with the beer drinking game- Teams of 4 had to run a relay of 50 mt. and drink a glass of beer/ cola before passing the baton to their next team member. A lot of fun this one was!  Next, we played ‘The Chase game’ where,  we had two large teams of 11 people on either side and we had a referee holding a towel in the centre. The referee would call any number from 1-11 (pre-assigned internally in the teams) and the called number from each team had to come in the centre. The aim of the game is to pull the hanky and return to your side without getting tagged by the opposition. This was a real surprise, where no one wanted to stop playing. We played until 15 points. Finally we ended with the ‘Frisbee Golf’ and the ‘Mummy wrap’ games.  Of course, we took several  BBQ breaks,  to refresh our tired muscles, haha

The best part of this event was that everyone was involved in organizing it, in setting things up, participating sportingly and having fun! Thanks a ton to everyone for making the final social event of the Class of 2011 amongst the most memorable events!


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