When nostalgia strikes.

4 Sep

So today, I was trying to sort out my photo albums and came across tonnes of footage (if I may call it that) from the MBA year. That sent me down memory lane, nostalgically wishing for the amazing MBA days to come back.

This day, last year, most of us from the Class of 2011 were furiously trying to complete our Master thesis presentations. The luckier ones amongst us were already done and were lazing by the Rhein. However, all of us were having mixed feelings about the end of term in less than 5 days, 9th Sept 2011; excitement, anticipation, sheer joy.

Sure, I was looking forward to new beginnings post the MBA. But every once in a while, it would hit me ‘Dear Lord, the real world is only 5 days away!’ And I wasn’t yet completely prepared to bid farewell to my friends, to no longer plan sudden parties, to no longer have something new to learn every day, to no longer be a part of the vibrant, international, fun family, that is MBS.

So, I made up my mind that I would attend every single event possible post the MBA and make sure that I continue to annoy everyone even after the MBA, haha. And am I glad to say that I have managed to do so! I attended the homecoming in Nov 2011, the Spring reunion in April 2012 and the summer party in July 2012. I now look forward to the homecoming in November to reconnect with my friends and make new friends.

So here’s a word of advice; the best part of the MBA is the people you meet, the friends you make, the relationships you build. Make sure you get top grades in this area.



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