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Why Mannheim?

30 Oct

A dream come true….Africa is called to Germany

Born on African soil with descendants originating from India, I grew up in South Africa, a diverse nation, rich with minerals and wildlife. In a country where we fought against apartheid, the system that restricted some of our educational opportunities, having the chance to study internationally, is luxury that every African wishes to have, yet for most unreachable.

Pursuing my MBA has always been in my heart. A burning desire for a skill set that would grow my leadership skills, sharpen my business acumen, strategically position me for an executive role one day, the opportunity to influence those around me and my hungry country.

Where would I find an MBA programme that could offer me this? A programme that is recognised, track record of excellence, course schedule in subjects that I am interested in such as International marketing, located in a healthy economy and has a sensitivity for social responsibility?

I had been working for Anglo American Platinum for the last 12 years in a mining environment as a Process Chemist and then later as a Market analyst. There was never enough time as my career progressed, my desire to do this MBA continued to grow. Having a science degree was not enough. What would give me the springboard to the next level?

Where could I find a one-year MBA that fulfilled all my wishes?

Being a passionate Rotarian, busy with social projects in my home country on a daily basis, how would I give this up whilst doing an MBA? I was searching for a school that would match my values.

Located in Germany, epitome of excellence, beholding the strongest economy in Europe, offering a one-year MBA programme, rated highly internationally, recognised for best practices in Finance, Economics and Marketing, strategically positioned with Germany’s top companies and finally the Social Sustainability project in the schedule. Mannheim Business School had answered my heart’s desire.

World class education is a luxury that most Africans can only dream of, far unreachable.

Today I find myself in the beautiful Castle, beholding the beauty of Mannheim Business School, and a proud participant of the Full-Time MBA programme. It’s a gift that every African princess can wish for.. studying in a Castle.

– Evelyn Archery –

Mannheim MBA Class of 2014