Mannheim MBA Spring Reunion 2014

29 Apr

After the 3rd Full-time MBA term started in April 2014 and the participants who had spent their 2nd term at partner business schools all around the world have been welcomed back, a special event in the Mannheim Business School calendar was due: The annual MBA Spring Reunion!

Participants of the current Full-time MBA Class of 2014 and the Part-time MBA Class of 2015 met with participants of previous Mannheim MBA batches at Kurhaus Trifels in the beautiful southern Palatinate area.

After the bus transfer from Mannheim Castle to Kurhaus Trifels and the welcoming of all participants, the task for this networking event all participants had to work on was introduced: The creation of a small model aeroplane. For this purpose, the participants were divided into two main groups with 3 subgroups each. Each subgroup had to build an identical aeroplane in a separate room on its own, without the possibility to communicate directly with the other groups respectively get together. Only one appointed member of each subgroup was allowed to communicate with the other two group representatives for a short amount of time to make sure that the model aeroplanes of the subgroups are identical.

The whole process of building those planes required creativity, good communication skills, the proper use of the material given and also some technical understanding. But it was especially a lot of fun. This was particularly true when both teams and their sub-groups had to prove in front of all the audience that their respective model aeroplane was able to fly. Those flights proved to be some of the funniest moments during the whole MBA experience so far ;-). The whole task contributed greatly to the community spirit and also allowed to better get to know the MBA participants from previous batches.

After “the work was done”, MBS invited everyone to dinner at Kurhaus Trifels. Following the subsequent bus tour back to Mannheim, a get-together at Café Novus rounded off this very pleasant day of the Mannheim MBA Spring Reunion 2014.

– Volkmar Mrass –
Mannheim MBA Class of 2014





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