Mannheim Alumni Launch Sustainable T-Shirt Label Stork & Fox

2 Dec

I have always had a lot of ideas, but before I started my MBA program  becoming an entrepreneur was only an imaginary scenario. TStorkFox_Gabriel_Felixhat changed during my year at MBS and ESSEC business school, because there I got to know people that were just like me and that had started one or more companies before.

During my time at MBS I began playing around with ideas that circled around T-Shirts. Already as a child I protested against wearing suit and tie for family celebrations. By now this has improved, but T-Shirts are still my favorite outfit. This is why I now work on making the T-Shirt part of business etiquette, by finding the perfect design, fit and fabric.StorkFox_Fabelhaft_01

After graduation I launched the T-Shirt Label Stork & Fox together with my childhood friend Felix Groß, who studied at Mannheim university. The idea behind our brand is to develop limited editions of premium T-Shirts and
Sweatshirts: The newest designs are limited to 99 pieces – once a design issold out, it will not be produced again. Thereby we want to make sure that our customers can differentiate themselves instead of wearing mass-produced mainstream clothing.

StorkFox_Fabelhaft_02Sustainability plays an important role for us: Our T-Shirts are being produced according to the Global Organic Textile Standards and those of the Fair Wear Foundation. Such certifications prevent unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, forced labor, salaries below minimum wage, excessive working hours, child labor, and discrimination. The screen-printing is done by a regional supplier who uses ecological colors.

Currently Stork & Fox products are only available in Germany, but international expansion is planned for 2015.


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