Our time at the MBA World Summit 2015 in Barcelona

31 Mar

Time at the Mannheim MBA seems to fly by – events, courses and mixing around with batch mates. So when I first heard of the MBA World Summit, I did not pay a lot of attention to it. But enough to apply. Through the process, as I read on I became more and more intrigued by the concept and what was in store. Fortunately two Mannheimers – Ferencz and me – got to represent MBS at the global stage.

Started last year, this years’ summit already went from 62 students (2500 applicants across 20 business schools) to 100 students (3000 applicants across 85 business schools). We were glad to be one of the select few.

The first night in Barcelona was a cocktail reception where we all met together for the first time. Lot of introductions, greetings and in a few cases seeing familiar faces from other schools as well. This did well to break the ice for Day 2 – which was when we were all put to action, the reason why the whole thing came together in the first place.MBA World Summit Day 1.2

Company presentations, Student Laboratory Sessions (SLS – where students select what to discuss during a session and tailor it to their needs) and Interviews – it was all happening one after the other. We were spoilt for choice and yet worked to our bone – the essence of any good business proposition.

We got to interact with the company representatives of GoodGame Studios, Deutsche Bank, Bertelsmann and Merck. And the Student Laboratory Sessions were amazing. I particularly enjoyed conducting my own on “Crowd Sourcing” in business where we had a wonderful exchange of ideas with every attendee. Another one on Game Theory in the morning introduced me of a few new ways to look at some strategy problems.

Any mention of the program is also incomplete without mentioning the beauty of the IESE Campus in Barcelona and the friendliness of all on campus. Thank you for having us there.

The interactions between the students, the crew and company representatives spilled over to the dinner at a fantastic Tapas restaurant. And then onto the third day which focused on strengthening these bonds in the informal setting of city tours, lazy beach lunches and clubbing. The Barcelona experience is always incomplete without the clubs and of course the Gin & Tonic!MBA World Summit Day 1.3

And so before we knew it – the Summit came to an end. Just like that. Morning greetings over coffee, saying goodbyes and promises to visit other campuses. Back in Mannheim, the value of the Summit begins to sink in and I am so glad to have made friends from all over within this short span.

Thank you to QX Crew and we hope to always send a Mannheimer in the future as well!

– Vikram Gupta, Mannheim Full-Time MBA Class of 2015 –


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