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There is ‘truly’ no substitute!

2 May

Even at minus2 degrees with the harsh snow against my jacket, I walked excitedly to the fancily designed building at a brisk pace.

Porsche, the sports car manufacturer, opened a new museum right next to the Head Quarter in Stuttgart in 2009 to showcase its design and engineering prowess.

PorsheAs part of the Class of 2013, MBS provided us with a private tour of not only the cutting-edge museum but also an extended tour of the Porsche HQ.

Right after the eye-candy of Porsches from over the decades, the examination of the current supply chain techniques implemented by Porsche A.G showed us a car manufacturer that always stays up to date with technology. If there were an expiry date on the manufacturing components, the car would be delivered to the customer way before the components expired!

The various design, selection and implementation procedures of the company were given a run-down, which also gave us a peek into the life at a global auto manufacturer. It is truly remarkable how Porsche has stepped up its production to almost 200,000 automobiles (this year) in a size-limited manufacturing facility.  The carbon fiber inserts, custom-leather dashboards and made-to-order ceramic brakes even served as an example of complex supply-chain management that we learnt as part of the MBA!

Reflecting on my day at Porsche, the cherry on the cake was definitely the peek into the upcoming (stunning!) Porsches; that even topped the lunch at the rooftop Porsche casino!

– Anoop Thampy –
Mannheim MBA Class of 2013


A little bit of everything

26 Apr

The past 2 weeks have had a little bit of everything. Like I mentioned in the previous post, we had the Career Fair from 11-13th April, which has  led to some very interesting leads. I have my fingers crossed and hope to have my post-MBA journey charted out in its logical time. We also had the 1st Alumni Round-table, which was a semi-formal gathering of several of our alumni working currently in Germany and the full-time MBA class and the Program Management, Career Services and Alumni Relations teams. It was a fantastic event that have us an opportunity to have relaxed talks with the alumni over some awesome appetizers and drinks. 

Then we had several Workshops to help us approach Term3 and the career-search better. Note that I say career-search and not job-search. To me, the MBA is the ideal time to reevaluate your aspirations, skills and talents and narrow down better the type of career that you are meant for. Career-found, job-search is a piece of cake. We also had the monthly Stammtisch, where we reconnected with those of our classmates who were away in Terms1 and 2 on exchange-programs. My MCT; we spent the weekend in the company of a bunch of adorable kids. It was our day out, as part of the Social Project which was a great success Details coming soon!

Also, Term3 Classes began last Sunday with Cross Cultural Management. Here, we learnt insights into why people from different cultures behaved the way they did, depending on the historical experiences and social contexts that they were a part of. For e.g. Indians are more conscious of ‘saving face’ and tend to avoid confrontations. An agenda and structure is critical to the German way of life. The hierarchy is respected heavily in the French context. Considering there were at least 10 different nationalities in class, it was a true cross-cultural experience.  The weekend ended with the beginning of the Easter weekend.

Some running along the river, a barbecue at the park, Easter-Sunday mass, coffee with friends and a lot of reading; both the fictional and non-fictional (read- course material) kind have totally recharged me for the coming week. We start with ‘States and Markets’- the role that the Government can, should and does play in regulating/ controlling/ improving the markets. Promising!

Have a great week ahead!

Till later,


P.S: Its 22 degrees; God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.

Term 3 – Kick Off in Style

12 Apr

So, Term3 officially began on April 4th. Its been a lovely week and a half of kick-off sessions, team-building, alumni meets, preparations getting ready to take the plunge into the world of ‘finding a job’- read that as career-related-workshops and the Career Fair.  The Career Fair is a great event, organized by the Career Services team at MBS in cooperation with the University of Mannheim and is a great place to meet potential employers. Its Day 3 tomorrow and its just been great so far to see a variety of companies under one roof, talking to them to understand more about them and what one could do for them. Plus its a great opportunity to use those German skills in a business environment. Speaking German to native German speakers and actually making myself understood gives me a high like no other!

I also seem to have made a lot of headway in figuring out what exactly I would like to see myself doing in the coming years. To be honest, I am not the greatest fan of the question ‘ Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?’. But I totally see the merit in that question now. Maybe its age  or experience or a combination of both or just some enlightenment. Whatever the reason, I have completely bought into the whole ‘self-reflection’ concept. Sure, it takes awhile, depending on you, your background, your current situation and more importantly how persevering you are. You may not find your chosen path 2 weeks into your search. But if you persevere, you’ll surely get there. And like a friend of mine says, you’d at least know what you don’t want, thus making the path a lot more clearer.

Whoever said ‘ the pleasure lies in the journey and not the destination’ sure knew what they were talking about.

Till later,